Rental procedures, guidelines and fee schedules for member/non-member rentals are listed in the rental agreement.


  • Regular Members may rent the entire club for $75 plus a $100 deposit, which is refunded when club is cleaned and returned to ordinary conditions after rental.
  • Rentals are for personal use and extend to the member's immediate family members.
  • Members may shut down the skeet range for no additional charge.


  • Rental of either inside or outside facilities for a fee of $275, plus a $200 deposit, which is refunded when club is cleaned and returned to ordinary conditions after rental.
  • If both inside and outside areas are rented the fee will be $550, plus a $200 refundable deposit.
  • Non members must have a member sponsor and chaperone.
  • Rental time begins at 2pm* and extends until midnight of the same day. Persons wishing to rent the club prior to 2pm who would like the skeet range to be closed shall be subject to an additional $100 fee.
  • * Access for set up may be provided prior to 2pm while shooting range remains open.


  • Neighbors are defined as those persons living directly across from the club property.
  • The neighbors shall enjoy the same privileges as Club Members.

General Rental Information

  • Contact the rental committee person for arrangements.
  • The rifle range shall be closed when rentals are for parties/gatherings of more than 250 persons.
  • Rentals are for nonprofit purposes only. No person, member or non-member, shall rent the club property for the purpose of any activity commonly conducted as a business.
  • All persons, member or non-member, must sign a rental agreement. One copy shall be given to the renter and the rental chairman shall maintain one copy. At the end of each month at the regular meeting the rental agreements shall be turned in to the board and maintained as a record for the clubhouse file. Records shall be maintained in a secured file for a period of 5 years.
  • All rentals shall conform to policy as dictated within the rental agreement with regard to terms for receipt of deposit/fees, refund of deposits, use and condition of club property, etc.

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