Our club offers many great benefits for those who enjoy the shooting sports. We have a 100 yard rifle range with fixed target frames, dedicated shooting lanes with covered benches for shorter distances, as well as benches in the open air for the 100 yard positions. We have a newly created pistol range berm with a covered shooting area and room for uncovered shooting as well. We have an archery range adjacent to our pistol shooting area. We have a clay target field which offers skeet, trap, and 5-stand shooting formats. All of our ranges are open for members 7 days/week during posted shooting times. Guests are allowed too, but the different ranges have different fees and rules, so be sure to spend some time exploring all that our ranges have to offer here on the website if that's your main interest.

New to the shooting sports? We have NRA certified instructors on our Training committee and offer courses such as NRA Basic Pistol and more on a regular basis. We host Women on Target events, as well as invitational shoots for beginners and those curious in learning more about shooting - beginner skeet and trap and more. We also have a NYS DEC Certified Hunter Safety Instructor who regularly teaches the required gun and bow courses if you're seeking to acquire a hunting privilege in New York State or need a certificate to go big game hunting out West. Offering these training and certification courses is one of our main missions as a club.

We also have a 2-floor clubhouse with kitchen, pool tables, fireplace/woodstove, tables and chairs and a back patio area with a great view of the clay shooting field. Many of our members enjoy spending time in the clubhouse with other like-minded members between shooting events, and you can also rent the club for your family parties. There's an outdoor pavilion with picnic tables, cooking pits, and an outdoor kitchen. Click here for pictures of the facitlies.

Like to fish or hunt? Our club has its own private stocked trout pond, which is also home to bass, bluegills and sunnys for the enjoyment of all members and their children. While we don't allow ice fishing on the pond, most of the trout seem to get caught by our members every year during the season and after our annual kids fishing day! Yes, bring your kids and grandkids to this wonderful member event - it's always a good time and you can find pictures on our website from past fishing days. We also have some limited hunting property for those members who like to hunt. Land is owned by the club or available by relationship with a local farmer. More information on the hunting lands and how to access it is available once you join.

How do we compare with other clubs?

There are lots of great clubs in the area to choose from - it all depends on what your focus is. Our club focuses on the shooting sports, training and classes to ensure our members are safe, responsible and well informed firearms owners and shooters. We emphasize our ranges and access to them by our members and the public. Our club does not require you to perform work hours - you can pay for them each year if you choose not to work them. Our club does not require you to attend meetings - you are always welcome, and since we serve dinner frequently, it's always a good time! Our club has competitive initiation fees and dues - and while you may find a cheaper club, you are usually required to work hours, attend meetings, and most clubs at our price range don't have the diversity of range facilities that we provide for our members.

So, look around at other clubs - see who's accepting new members - find out what the others charge - see what the others offer - then come to Crum Elbow! You'll like what you find here!

Membership Procedure

  • You must be sponsored by a Regular Member who has completed his/her probationary period (which is one year after being voted into the club). If you are not sure who can sponsor you, contact the Membership Director for assistance.
    Note: The sponsoring member should read the Club By-laws, especially Article III, Membership.
  • Fill out a membership application (be sure you have this latest online revision) and return it to your sponsor who will submit it to the Membership Director at least one week prior to the board meeting. Board meetings are one week prior to the regular club meeting, for which times and schedules can be seen on the website events listing. Applications can also be downloaded and filled out on some devices. They can then be emailed to the sponsor.
  • Perspective members must first attend a board meeting with their sponsor (may not be required due to covid). The board will review the application and talk with you about your interests, and then make a decision regarding eligibility for membership. Then if approved by the board, you must attend a regular meeting for a vote by the membership to accept you.

Membership Fees

See this schedule for the appropriate fees and work hours based on the month the prospective member joins. You can pay with cash or check.
The fees are basically comprised of:
  • a one-time payment to our capital improvement fund
  • prorated yearly dues (according to the schedule provided)
  • purchase of entries into our May and June membership cash prize raffles (if applicable)
  • an access fee deposit for the cost of your range and building key
We welcome your interest and look forward to meeting you at the club!
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