Past Notices

Pistol recertification change:
   Under a recent change to New York State Law, people who have concealed carry permits are required to recertify their permit with the New York State Police every three years. Check out this page for the full scoop.

Club wifi now at the range:
    Wifi connection is now available at the range in case of weak cell signal. The password to gain access is in the members section of this website along with the combination to access the shooting area.

Change your email address?:
   Don't forget to drop John Corry a line to continue receiving emails from the club.

NY Firearms Alert group:
    Want to keep up on the latest New York Gun Legislation? Click on this link to find out how.

Hunting ALLOWED on Athanas property:
   Be advised that there is a self-appointed "policer" on the land who has no such authority. If you should run into him, calmly tell him we have permission to hunt from the owner, we have posted the land, and that he has no rights to turn anyone away from the property. If it escalates, we should call the authorities and explain the situation.

A piece of history, CESA Certificate of Incorporation:
    Click here to view the document.

Maps of hunting properties available now!
    Just in time for hunting season! Click here.

When shooting at the gun range:
    Please don't forget to sign in first! Also, when leaving sign out and document shots. For a complete set of guidelines, refer to the gun range policies.

No hunting/tresspassing on Downing Road, Pleasant Valley:
    While the club has been allowed in the past to hunt on this parcel, the new owners have revoked the right. The club has been informed that violators will be prosecuted. Don't let that be you!

Past Events

Kids Fishing Day

May 2, 2021 Kid's Fishing Day has traditionally experienced typical spring weather with dreary and often rainy skies. Moving it out to May provided to be the fortunate (albeit lucky) condition of warm temperatures, green trees, and sunny blue skies. That, plus probably a case of cabin fever, brought out many club members with their children and grandchildren. Dawn Miller ran the provision portion of the event this year, with a pondside food setup which was very convenient for morning snacks and lunch. Burgers and dogs started early as the fish were biting and the kids caught their quota early. Once the bbq smoke permeated the air, the burgers were flying off the grill as fast as the fish were being pulled in.

It was a good batch of fish this year as they started biting immediately. Jacob B., who apparently has a very desirable bait combined with an inate skill, bagged the first three fish in ten minutes. Not bad for an eight year old!

First place trophies and second place plaques were handed out at the end of the time period. The winners of the derby were as follows:
  • First three caught:
    • 1st place:
      • under 10: Jacob B.
      • 10 and up: Cole Y.
    • 2nd place:
      • under 10: Kayla B.
      • 10 and up: Shane Y.
  • Heaviest three:
    • 1st place:
      • under 10: Shea C.
      • 10 and up: Kaley Y.
    • 2nd place:
      • under 10: Savana P.
      • 10 and up: Zyah
It's nice to win a contest, but hopefully everyone enjoyed family time together on such a beautiful day. That's what it really is all about.

Donations were gratefully accepted and a big thanks go to Tom Cussick, Angelo DeMaria, Bill C. and Mike Wallace. Ken Ward who ran this years event, ironically won the 50/50 but donated the winnings back to the club.
Many thanks to the volunteers who made the event a success; regular members and life members alike participated..

Check out some of the pictures by our roving photographer here.

Kids Fishing Day

April 28, 2019 The annual club Kids Fishing Day event was held at the club pond under typical spring-time rainy skies this year. The fish didn't seem to like the weather too much as they were very slow to bite. It didn't seem to have any effect of 5 year old Jacob though. He brought his three fish for weighing after fishing for only 15 minutes. Others weren't quite as lucky and fished until the contest ended. At 11:30 everyone weighed their catch and trophies were handed out to the lucky fishermen.
Congratulations to the winners who are:
  • Jacob - under 10 boy
  • Kasey - under 10 girl
  • Conner - over 10 boy (who loved his fish)
  • Alexandra - over 10 girl
  • Paige - heaviest catch (caught a very nice lunker)
Now it was time for the adults to win and a 50/50 was drawn. Bill Lenehan, our previous pond coordinator, was the winner this year and generously donated $20 of his $50 winnings back to the pond fund. Money was also donated by Rich Corrado and an anonymous donor to be applied to this event next year.
The burgers and dogs were ready by then so everyone headed to the clubhouse to grab a bite and warm up a little. Many thanks to all the helpers; Bill Truitt, Walt Teator, Kevin Coon, Mike Karpoff, Dawn Miller, Butch Kane and our roving photographer Loraine. It's great to have a club event where teamwork makes for a successful event, rain or shine. Be sure to check out the pictures here taken by Loraine.

Pheasant Hunt

December 15, 2018 Todd Bailey, Chris Algozzine, Mike Pescetti, and Ryan Deschner (guest) went to Hull-O Farms in Durham, NY (http://www.hunthull-o.com) for the first of hopefully many CESA Club-organized pheasant hunts. Frank the farmer released 20 birds into the fields - a mix of hens and roosters. With the help of two dogs, a handler and mediocre aim, we took home many of the birds. The day started with warm-up trap at the Club, followed by lunch at Barnwood (https://www.barnwooddining.com) on the way there. After a short briefing it was off to the fields for 3 hrs. Finished with a beer and some homemade molasses cookies. It was a great time, and we all got some pheasant for the freezer. We helped support a local farmer/economy through responsible and safe hunting activities, and were rewarded with delicious upland meat and some tasty breakfast sausage. Depending on interest, we can run a couple of these outings each year.

Flyover to enlarge... hunt hunt

Kid's Fishing Day

April 29, 2018 It can be tricky to schedule an event in the spring as Mother Nature tends to be very unsettled at this time of year. Fishing Day was no exception as the day started off with rain tapering off to a sprinkle at the start of the event. Luck was on our side as the clouds finally made way for breaks of blue sky. Fortunately, no one's spirits were dampened as lines went into the water at 9:45am and smiles started to appear as the fish started coming in. After an hour and a half, most three fish limits were reached and weighings were taken by Fred Burnette.. After trophies and metals were presented by Bill Lenehan, everyone made a beeline to the grill where Bill Truitt and Joe Puglielli were serving up burgers and dogs. Many thanks to all the help which was received prepping the pond, helping with the actual event and cleanup afterward. Members helping members is what this club is about. Check out some pictures here taken by Loraine.

Work Party

March 10, 2018 The day began bright and early at 8am (many members were already there when I arrived). We had a long list of items to acomplish as the upper floor was getting a much needed cleaning up. Everyone tackled a task and before you knew it looked like bees buzzing around a hive. With about 20 people working, they were making a big dent in the task list. As the noontime hour approached (as well as pizza) everyone set out to put the house back in place. When the pizzas arrived everyone dug in as the work and aroma had generated a huge appetite. A large stack of pies was demolished in no time at all. To top it off, Chris announced that some metal we sold from our cleanup paid for the pizza AND we had forty dollars left over to put back into the club coffers. Here are some of the things accomplished:
  • Clean and rearrange the back rooms, including the pantry/supply room
  • Clean the old smoke eater / Move the newer one downstairs
  • Remove the soda machines
  • Purge garbage and junk we have collected over the years
  • Patch wood floor where one of the vents is
  • Remove the bear rug
  • Reposition all the trophies worth saving downstairs and in stairwell
  • Wash the walls
  • Wash the fireplace
  • Remove the TVs
  • Remove old broken chairs & organize all the folding chairs and scrap several old metal chairs
  • Remove shelf where TV is by women's bathroom
  • Clean upstairs kitchenette area
  • Scrub and clean the bathrooms
  • Bar Stool repairs
  • Find the old member applications for the Fin Sec to record electronically
In spite of all the work accomplished there is still more to go. Next month we will be having another work day.
Check out some pictures here.

Shooters Luncheon

Dec. 12, 2017 It was a cold, rainy, dreary December day. Sounds like the start of a horror story but this was anything but. It was the annual Shooter's Luncheon which Bill Lenehan has been coordinating for several years. Despite the name, it is a luncheon that all can and did attend. Several members from Pleasant Valley Trout and Game were present as well as some members wives. The club was spic and span as Benny did a fantastic job of cleaning the floor and wash rooms. Tables were set up with table cloths and everything looked very festive. The event started out with Pledge of Allegiance and Bill said a few words and had a moment of thought for Lana. We then attacked the object of everyone's attention...food. Everyone brought their appetites which were put to the test. Cristiano's supplied the bulk of the meal, with several of the members wives providing side dishes and desserts. We had salad for the health conscious for starters as well as a string bean salad from Jeff's wife. The main dishes were baked ziti (seemly mandatory for any event), chicken parmesan, sausage and peppers, and meatballs (voted best, no leftovers). There is usually a little room at the end of the meal for dessert and there were several ice creams (Stewarts which is my personal favorite), Mike Lowes wife's Pudding Pie (delicious), cupcakes (which I had absolutely no room to try) as well as several other items. Pete's wife brought the traditional, secret recipe, peanut brittle which I have to admit is better than my grandmothers (sorry Grannie). As the meal was winding down, Bill had a fantastic raffle to keep everyone from falling asleep after such a large meal. He supplied approximately twenty items from which a winner could select. This kept everyone hopping as he was rattling off winning numbers one after the other. After all the winnings were selected, people started heading out back into the bleakness once again. At least the day had some ray of sunshine...thank you Bill and all those other dedicated members who made the event a success.

pic pic
Click pic for full size...

Beginners Skeet Instrucion

May 21, 2016 / May 20, 2017 Mike Pescetti with help from Bob Simpson brought his experience to a group of 10 beginner skeet shooters. Even hough the skies were overcast, the enthusiasm of the group shone brightly as they took their first steps into what hopefully will be a lifetime sport. Being one of those beginners, I discovered (as I suspected) it's not as easy as it looks. However, with Mike's coaching, he turned misses into hits which in turn, made frowns into similes.
Safety was the first order of business as is usual with club shooting activities and a little bit of the practicalities of the sport was covered as well. We started shooting on station 7 and had birds exiting from the low house as a starter. Mike described to us the hold point, break point, look point and follow-through (with a handout in case we forgot the terminology) and showed us the execution of such. After everyone got a few practice shots, with helpful instruction in-between, we moved on to stations which required more expertise. I was amazed when I hit a bird at station 4 (1 out of 3 anyway) as it seemed to be flying at warp speed. In the end however, it's all about having an enjoyable time, which it seemed like everyone did.
  Ken Ward
PS - Check out the pictures here.

Brass Reloading and Lead Casting Presentation

May 16, 2015 Grant Ferris, Clyde Heermance, and Dave Cerasaro brought their years of knowledge and know-how to pass on to an enthusiastic group of club members. About half the members were looking to enhance their knowledge of the subject whereas remaining members were introduced to the process. After a brief overview of the topics to be discussed, Grant presented slides of the brass inspection and reconditioning process. He then went on to lend oversight on selection of the components to be utilized in the reloading process. The vast amount of information in this step of the process could undoubtedly be an entire presentation in itself but he extracted the highlights of the procedure. Grant then went on to show and describe the various tools required to reload the cartridges.
Clyde then picked up from this point to detail the process of casting lead bullets. Tools and materials were discussed as well as the safety of handling molten metals. This was interspersed with lots of Q & A from the attendees as well as very interactive discussions.
Dave then rounded out the presentation with information obtained from his 40 years experience with this topic. I realized (from a novice perspective) that reloading is part science as well as part art and Dave did his best at relaying how to approach this task utilizing components of each discipline. Combined with a copious amount of handouts, everyone received information fitting to their level of knowledge on the subject.
I thank all three gentlemen for sharing with the rest of the club... Ken Ward
Mar 19, 2016 Brass Reloading Redux The class was held once more for those unable to attend the first session.

pic pic

Second Hunter Safety Class Held At CESA

Mar 25, 2015 Frank Tamborino and Chris Algozzine (Crum Elbow member) taught another successful class of future hunters as Crum Elbow Sportsmen's Association sponsored the 2nd DEC Hunters Safety class here at our club. Chris was excited as he spoke of his class stats, "We had 31 students attend, and 30 students complete the course. One student got sick and could not return to complete the class. We had students from Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia, Greene, Putnam, Orange, Westchester and Kings (Brooklyn) counties! That's 8 counties!". Frank and Chris would like to be invited back to teach another class in early summer. Last fall Chris and Frank taught a class here at CESA (see below). The instructors enjoy teaching at Crum Elbow with the facilities we have to offer in both the classroom and outdoor areas. Like last fall, George Kuch (club member) assisted the class instructors as a club Host to insure everything went smoothly.

pic pic

Hunter Safety Class Held At CESA

Oct 18, 2014 The Crum Elbow Sportsmen's Association sponsored a New York State Hunter Safety class on October 18th and 19th. The class was attended by 32 people including 2 club members and 8 women. Instructors were Frank Tamborino and Chris Algozzine, a club member. George Kuch acted as host. Five members of the club were involved in the production of this event.

pic pic

Range News

Feb. 26, 2014 Members of the Range Committee recently built and installed two new shooting benches at the CESA range. Previously there were 3 right hand benches (one of which had a folding chair) and one left hand bench. The new benches replaced the left hand bench and the bench with the folding chair. Both new benches are ambidextrous (right AND left) and can accommodate wheelchair bound shooters. The range can now handle 4 right handed shooters or 2 right and 2 left handed shooters. The committee has asked that they be given a try and welcome your feedback.

committee members committee members

new bench

2009 Kid's Christmas Party - A Wonderful Time for All

2009 Kid's Christmas Party was a great time had by all, especially the children. A special thank you to both Dawn Miller and Kelly Tighe for pulling it all together from decorating, ticket sales, buying gifts, ordering food, lining up help, to ensuring Santa and his elf were there in nice new suits. A HUGE THANK YOU to them as well as Cheryl and Mark Swenson and Lee Miller who were there to help make it all come together.
The children who attended enjoyed crafts at the tables and pizza and drinks before they were visited by Santa. Each child received a nice gift from Santa and there were many smiling faces as they were opened. Many of those faces were decorated with paint as numerous children visited the face-painting line before Santa arrived. And finally, the 50-50 raffle and donated items raffle were a big success and very nice gifts were won by the many parents and grandparents who attended the party.
In addition to the events for the children, the members also donated food and a gift card to a needy family. This effort was championed by Dawn and Kelly.
It has been quite a few years since we have had this party and it turned out wonderful thanks to the hard work of a few dedicated members and many generous sponsors. The local businesses who donated items toward the party are listed below and deserve our local support and big THANK YOU!


  • Cleveland Plumbing and Heating
  • Winslow Sons and Daughter Inc
  • Sweets Funeral Home
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Hyde Park Florist
  • Adams Fairacre Farms
  • Joe Cristiano's Pizza
  • Northern Dutchess Archery & Sportsman Supply
  • Shear Magic Hair Salon
  • Stat Construction
  • Delarms

2009 Game Dinner - Another Great Success

By Debbie Slizewski
Here we are again - Another game dinner for the books and what a dinner it was!!I would like to believe that this year was the best yet. It has been three weeks now and we have received more positive feed back than ever before.
This year's dinner, as those who attended know, was held in the pavilion on what turned out to be a picture-perfect day. We had a turn out of approximately 136 people who all seemed to enjoy the event more than previous years! I would like to think it was all about the food and raffles, but Mother Nature had a hand in it as well. The pavilion proved to be the perfect venue, providing more space for our buffet style meal and a better environment for socializing - quite possibly due to our large picnic tables, casual “picnic style,” and the open air and sunshine.
Upon talking with a few of my own friends who attended the dinner, I found that they didn't even make it past the expansive appetizer table. As always, everyone raved about Barbara Arvanetes' dip and the smoked trout, shinkenspec, home made smoked pepperoni, cheese salami, duck salami, snack sticks, venison liverwurst and buffalo pheasant strips. My words to these guys were “ You don't know what you missed” if you didn't make it to the main course!! On that note, a special thanks goes out to Joe Malaffy of Malaffy's Meat Processing, who donated a good portion of these items from his private stock, Mountain Products who does such a fantastic job on the smoked trout and a few of our very generous members, Barbara Arvenetes, Bill Corsa, Don Wacker, and Dick Corrado, to name a few.
This year our menu included some old favorites: marinated grilled venison, pheasant parmesan, venison sausage and peppers, beaver meatballs (yes, they seem to be becoming an old favorite!), bacon/brown sugar duck breast, squirrel, and pheasant bratwurst. Some of this years new dishes included, venison sauerbraten, cranberry duck meatloaf, goose pot pie (you wouldn't believe how good this was, we've changed the reputation of wild goose breast!!), pulled venison and turkey surprise, foil wrapped brown trout, and broiled Salmon and Steel Head (thanks to Grant Ferris and Dick Corrado), and quail harvested by Bob Ellsworth. Striper season was not overly kind to our fishermen this year so there was none to be had, but Fred Burnet had some luck in the deep sea and brought us back some Mahi Mahi - WOW - did you try that?? Needless to say there were no leftovers of that!!
Our Kitchen Crew has developed into what I believe to be the finest game cooking team in the area. These guys were nothing short of INCREDIBLE!! Jim Demato and Bill Corsa are our two lead chefs and let me tell you, they were on the money. They both worked tirelessly for three full days (and I don't mean partial days...these guys were there from 8+ hours a day for three days straight!!). How's that for getting your hours in?? Sherm Lockard, Don Wacker, and Tom Murphy worked diligently for all three days preparing and cleaning sleeve upon sleeve of pheasant and duck breast. We leave the beaver cleaning to Don. He's got that down pat now although he did threaten me stating “no more beaver!!” But we know he's only kidding, we'll have more for him next year.
Tom Holsopple, Chris D'Angelo, John Rifenberg Jr., Joe Turner, Lana Florio, Werner Lajestky, and Pat Convery all helped turn this event into something special on the day of the event. And who could forget the guys who worked truly behind the scenes and cleaned the club from top to bottom in the late hours of the day and the wee hours of the morning: Barbara Arvanetes, Ted Bohizic, Al Reilly and John Kasper. Thank you for doing such a great job. We had a couple of members say they have never seen the upstairs & the kitchen look so clean. Lets not forget the guys that did so much in the way of game donations, cutting, and cleaning game during the months preceding the dinner. Peter Kraayenbrink, Fred Burnett, Bob Miles, Mike Pescetti, John Bertalozzi, Grant Ferris, Jim Herles, Dick Corrado, and Tom Holsopple among others. These guys are the back bone of our dinner, after all without the game we would not have a game dinner with such variety - perhaps a picnic - but not a game dinner!!
Last but, certainly not least were the raffles. Barbara Arvanetes works exceptionally hard, spending countless hours obtaining the best possible turnout of sponsors for our raffles. She has an unmatched ability to promote our club and obtain support from local business sponsors like Orvis, Adams Fairacre Farms, Stat Construction Co, Copperfield's Restaurant, and Barb's Landscaping, to name just a few off the list below. Members like Mike Karpoff (wines from around the world), Fred Burnett (oak rod holder), Tom Holsopple (.22 cal rifle), Don Wacker (pictures) and Barbara herself (multiple donations) also stepped up to the plate with some very generous donations to enhance the array of items and gift certificates Barbara obtained from the many local businesses who supported us. Special thanks to my friend Al Leone with the high decibel voice for giving Barbara a hand with raffle announcements.
Tom Vegeto resurrected an old game of chance, a 50/50 Shoot, that proved to be a fun change of pace from the everyday 50/50 raffles. This game was set up like a football pool, where a person buys a square and after the card is full it is taken to the rifle range and used as a target. A youth volunteer is selected to shoot at the card with a pellet load (supervised of course!). The square that receives the most holes wins!! Between 2 rounds of this game and one standard 50/50 drawing, payouts for guests amounted to about $100, $85, $60. Great job Guys !!
Just a reminder, these guys support us - Shop local and support them!!
  • ALLSTATE INSURANCE - CYNTHIA COLICH cynthiacolich@allstate.com
  • COPPERFIELD'S RESTAURANT - Route 44, Millbrook (845) 677-8188
  • ORVIS SANDANONA -Rt 44a, Millbrook longp@orvis.com (845) 677-9701
  • QUATTROS HUNTING SUPPLIES - Route 44, Pleasant Valley (845) 635-8335
  • STAT CONSTRUCTION CO.- Paving & excavating, Rt 9G, Staatsburg (845) 889-3131
  • BARB'S LANDSCAPE (845) 266-2330
  • DOLLYKINS JEWELRY -Original creations by Karen Hubert(845) 876-6088
  • POUGHKEEPSIE PLATE GLASS CO. INC- 6 No. Clinton St. Pok.(845) 452-6070
  • MALAFFY'S MEAT PROCESSING - 287 Milan Hill Rd, Milan (845) 876-6306
  • MOUNTAIN PRODUCTS SMOKEHOUSE Burdick Rd, Lagrangeville(845) 223-7900
  • ANGELINAS PIZZERIA - Haviland Shopping Center, Hyde Park(845) 229-5200
  • RONZONI'S PIZZERIA - Oakridge Plaza, Hyde Park (845) 229-1119
  • TOTALLY YOU UNISEX SALON - >Haviland Shopping Center, Hyde Park(845) 229-8882
  • JOE CHRISTIANO'S PIZZERIA - Route 9G, Hyde Park (845) 229-8125
  • INSIDE SCOOP - 815 Violet Avenue, Hyde Park(845) 229-9866
  • JACK MOODE - Collector & former CEO Baretta& Bennelli
  • UNCLE SONNY'S CAFE & PIZZERIA - 6270 RT 82 Stanfordville (845) 868-7121

2008 Game Dinner - A Great Success!

By Debbie Slizewski
Editor's Note: Before Debbie tells the story, the club would like to give special recognition to her for all her personal hard work and dedication to make the event a huge success. It is a great deal of work and takes a lot of her time and for that, the club would like to give her special thanks.
At 5:15 pm on Saturday, I opened the front door to the clubhouse to find a gathering of hungry people waiting on the steps. Encouraging, since the tickets said 6pm. I cordially stated:“Give us a few more minutes,” and closed the door. All at once it hit me - it's time. I found Pete Kraayenbrink, my incredibly hardworking partner in this event, and he hurried Tom Hollsopple to the door for ticket collection & hand stamping. I ran down to the kitchen, while Barb Arvanetes, Yassar Sahawneh, Steve Hunt, and Joe Turner ran upstairs with appetizer platters and arranged them on the tables. And so began the Feast!!
Sound like a last minute frenzy to you? I assure you the preparation for this event was no less than preparations for a wedding - beginning many months in advance - all for the glory of an event that lasts but a few hours…or does it?? I can't tell you how many people came up to me after the event with statements like “ what a great party” or “one of the best game dinners we have been to.” Favorites seemed to be the Venison Chili & Chili dip, moose and beaver meatballs, deep fried stripped bass, and as usual, pheasant parm and pheasant fingers. I even heard one person say how fantastic the brown dugar/bacon duck was (even though it was too well done). In fact, a few people that said they don't eat game - ironically I found them going back for 2nds. Even sneaking beaver meatballs - surprise- surprise!
At first we were concerned about the number of tickets sold in advance, but anyone who was at the dinner can tell you that we had a great turnout - about 135 people were seated for dinner (good thing we cooked for 160). We had hoped to hold the event under the pavilion but weather conditions were not on our side for an outside event. Both upstairs and downstairs were set up for dining and we needed both.
We had a great team for this event! Peter and I would like to thank every person who helped make this event such a success. In the field, Fred Burnett, Dick Corrado, Bob Miles, Jim Pitcher, John Bertalozzi, Jim Herles, and Tom Hollsopple, made sure we had enough game, donating, cutting, and cleaning as far in advance as November 2007. A special thanks goes out to our friends at Mountain Products for donating their time and resources for the, oh so delicious, smoked turkey and fish.
Thanks to Rick Penucci who got the word out around town with fliers. Barbara, who spent a considerable amount of time and resources to visit many local business for raffle sponsors, our raffle table was second to none! Not to mention all the beautiful items Barbara so generously donated from her own collections of wildlife prints, taxidermy mounts, collectibles and clothing - among the items was a Mountain Goat fur Coat won (and modeled) by Fred Burnett - a moment I wish I had my camera. Clyde Heermance donated a powder measure and a gun cabinet (won by Lee Miller) and I donated a few trinkets of my own, including a 12ga reloader & supplies.
Our kitchen and clean up crew made it all come together over the 3 days preceding the dinner. Don Wacker, had the glamorous and highly desirable job of helping me clean duck, pheasant, and beaver (he now knows that cleaning a beaver is not quite like cleaning a deer). John Kasper, Lana Florio, Rick and Barb Pennucci, Werner Lajesky, Sherm Lockard, Chip Strydio, Don Prosakowski, Joe Turner, Yassar Sahawneh, and Steve Hunt worked diligently at preparing food and providing general set up of the hall. Our primary “chefs” included Chris DeAngelo, Jim Demato, Bill Corsa, and last but not least, my husband John Slizewski, who manned the outside grill.
Thanks also goes to Dawn Miller, who ran the 50/50 raffle, resulting in a whopping $200 payout!Good work Dawn!
It is events like this that bring out the camaraderie of our members. I hope I speak for all when I say it was hard work - but also a lot of fun!

2008 Corporate Sponsors

  • Orvis
  • Quattros
  • ArlingtonWine & Liquor
  • Darrow Funeral Home
  • Hyde Park Memorials
  • Stat Construction
  • Rite Aid
  • Mountain Products
  • Masten Feeds
  • Canine Creations
  • The Sisters Country Kitchen
  • Angelina's Pizzeria
  • Joe Christiano's Pizza
  • Ronzoni's Pizzeria
  • The Inside Scoop
  • Styles Salon
  • The Fox & The Hair
  • Intrigue Hair Salon
  • Uncle Sonny's Pizzeria
  • 4 Brothers Pizzeria
  • New Image Salon
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