Insurance Liability Waiver

Our Insurance Carrier has requested that all members and guests sign a Liability Waiver. This is a common request, and frankly we have been lucky to not have been asked to do so previously. Many of you have likely already signed one if you shoot at other clubs in the area. We are actually using a very commonly used Waiver form which we received from a neighboring club. The next time you're at the club you'll likely be asked to sign one so we can keep them on file. All new members will sign them from now on. All renewing members will also sign one this summer. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Access the form here.

Smoke-Free Clubhouse Policy

As specified and necessary to comply with New York's Clean Indoor Air Act


A smoke-free Clubhouse policy has been developed to comply with the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act, and to protect all members and visitors from secondhand smoke, an established cause of cancer and respiratory disease, and to protect against other potentially harmful chemicals emitted from electronic cigarettes ("e-cigarettes"). Our concern is for the health and well-being of our members and guests. Compliance with this policy is good for everyone. The policy set forth below is effective immediately and supersedes all previous policies.

Smoke-Free Areas

Smoking and using e-cigarettes are prohibited in all indoor areas of the clubhouse without exception, including the kitchen, bar area, bathrooms, stairwells and doorways. Smoking within 20 feet of the building is also prohibited. Smoking at the pavilion, in the parking lot, and in automobiles parked in the parking lots is allowed.


Based on an amendment to the Smoke-Free Air Act, effective April 29, 2014, the use of e-cigarettes, including but not limited to e-hookahs, e-cigars, vaping pens or similar products, is prohibited wherever smoking is prohibited.

Other Requirements

Signs designating this "A Smoke-Free Clubhouse", as well as other "No Smoking" signage will be displayed in accordance with stipulations of the NYS Clean Indoor Air Act. Tampering with signs is prohibited. Ashtrays and butt-cans are not permitted in any indoor areas and must remain outside.


Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all members and persons visiting the club's premises, with no exceptions. Members who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action which may include fines, suspension or expulsion. Furthermore, violators are individually responsible and could face Department of Health imposed fines of up to $2000 for smoking in the clubhouse as per the NYS laws. Members are reminded that cameras are in place throughout the clubhouse. Any tampering with or covering of cameras in an attempt to avoid compliance of this policy will be treated as being non-compliant with this policy. Any disputes involving smoking or using e-cigarettes should be handled through a communication to the Board of Directors.


The law prohibits retaliation against those who invoke the law or request assistance in implementing it, and anyone caught retaliating could be held accountable for committing a criminal act.

Smoking Cessation

Crum Elbow Sportsmen's Association encourages all members who smoke to quit. Smoking and second-hand smoke are established causes of cancer and other diseases. Call the NYS Quit-line at 1-866-NY-QUITS to receive more information, or go to www.nysmokefree.com.


Current skeet/trap/5-stand field shooting restrictions:

  • Restricted to No. 9 shot
  • Shoot at clays thrown on the right side of the field
  • Shoot at clays thrown from our portable machine(s) set to throw low to the horizon
  • Shoot from positions behind that machine basically straight at those clays (Stay tuned here as additional information will be added as available)


  • Please sign in before shooting
  • All members must complete the Range Safety Briefing before using the skeet and trap fields
  • Members must complete the machine operations training before operating the skeet or trap machines

Hours of Operation


  • Members:       $4.00/round (25 targets)
  • Adult Guests:  $6.00/round (25 targets)
  • Junior:           $4.00/round (25 targets) (<18 yrs child or grandchild of member, must be accompanied by member)


  • Payments for shooting must be paid on the day you shoot.
  • Payments may be given to any member of the Skeet Operations Team.
  • If no Skeet Committee members are present, payments should be placed in the "Payment Box" inside the high house. On an envelope, write name, date, and amount of payment.
  • LAST MEMBER SHOOTING: Please include the signup sheet with the payment envelope.


  • Guests are not allowed to operate or load trap or skeet machines.

Safety and Courtesy

  • No alcohol is to be consumed before or during shooting.
  • All shooters must wear eye and hearing protection while on the skeet/trap field.
  • All guns must be open and unloaded when moving between stations, on or off the field.
  • Do not load shells into chamber(s) until standing on the shooting pad.
  • Please be quiet when a shooter is preparing to call for targets.
  • Remove empty shell(s) from chamber(s) before leaving the shooting pad.
  • Shooters are to pick up their empty shells when the round has been completed.
  • All juniors must shoot under the supervision of an adult.
  • Do not stand in front of the clay throwing machine.
  • No repairs or adjustments to the trap or skeet machines without approval from the Skeet Committee.
  • No targets are to be released while someone is in the skeet/trap houses.
  • When entering the trap house please display the red flag to show the trap house is occupied.
  • The last member of the day is responsible for closing the skeet/trap houses and locking the club house.
    This involves:
    • Turning all power off in the trap/skeet houses
    • Filling all skeet/trap machines with targets
    • Making sure houses are clean
    • Closing windows of the skeet/trap houses and locking the doors
    • Make sure the clubhouse is locked if no other members are present

Skeet Events

Five Stand Fridays (temporarily suspended)

Skeet Cheat Sheet

Click here for a Skeet Cheat Sheet with info and tips for skeet shooting.

Gun Range


  • Monday - Saturday: 9AM - Close
  • Sunday & Holidays: 10AM - Close
  • Closing time is sunset OR 8pm, whichever is earlier.
        (Daily sunset calculator)     (Sunset Time Chart)
  • Check the website event page for any special events which may preempt shooting



  • All persons must wear eye and hearing protection while at the range.
  • In an effort to improve range safety, the firing line at the range has been established as a line extending left and right from the front plane of the covered shooting area. That line is now demarcated by a white stripe that extends across the shooting area. Members are reminded that they should not position forward of that line to shoot. The only exception would be for a special event, sanctioned by the club, where the range would be closed for any other shooting activities.
  • The range is divided between areas reserved for pistol and longarms use. On the pistol side, moveable targets are only to be used between the fence separating the pistol and longarms areas and the permanent pistol target frames,
  • No moveable frame is to be placed in front of another frame.
  • No alcohol is to be consumed before or during shooting.
  • There is to be no rapid firing, no magazine dumps or no full auto firing.
  • Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • Always keep your firearm unloaded until you're at the firing line and the range is declared "HOT".
  • Firearms must be safe (unloaded: magazine removed and actions opened) when entering or exiting the range.
  • Handguns must either be unloaded or holstered when entering or exiting range.
  • Shooters must check with others to ensure firearms are unloaded, actions open and firearms laid down on the bench before going downrange.
  • No one is permitted to handle firearms when anyone is in front of the firing line.
  • Immediately stop shooting when anyone calls "Cease firing".
  • Shooters must check to ensure no one is down range before declaring the range "HOT".
  • The gate to the range must be closed before the range goes "HOT".
  • When the range is declared "HOT", shooters are permitted to commence firing.
  • If no one on the firing line has done so, check to insure there is no one behind the back stops before starting shooting.
  • It is optional to insert safety flags into the forearm's open action to indicate the firearm is in a safe condition.
  • Only shooters and their assistants are permitted on the firing line.
  • Explosive, glass, and clay targets are prohibited
  • Tracer, armor piercing (AP), explosive, and incendiary ammunition is prohibited.
  • Any unsafe or unsportsman-like conduct will require you to leave the range immediately, no refunds.


  • A guest is defined as anyone who is not a member.
  • A member's spouse, child or grandchild guest fee is $2 per visit. All others are $5 per guest.
  • A member may have up to two guests on the range.
  • Minors are allowed only if a member is with them an the ratio is one member to one minor. According to NYS law, long gun (rifle and shotgun) shooters must be 12 years and older and 14 years and older for handguns.
  • Members are responsible of insuring guests obey the rules.

Pistol Range

General Rules

  • Members must sign in before shooting and sign out after, noting round count and weight.
  • There is a one hour time limit on the range when other members are waiting.
  • Please place trash in the receptacles.
  • Pick up brass and all cases after shooting and place in brass bucket.
  • Remove targets from frames when done shooting.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the perimeter fence of the range.
The above are basic range regulations. It is recommended that shooters take the NRA Basic Rifle and/or Pistol Safety courses. See Range Officer for further information.

Archery Course


  • Daily: Sunrise to sunset



  • No alcohol is to be consumed before or during shooting.
  • Immediately stop shooting when anyone calls "Cease firing".
  • Archers must check to ensure no one is down range before declaring the range "HOT".
  • When the range is declared "HOT", archers are permitted to commence firing.
  • Insure there is no one behind the targets before starting shooting.
  • Any unsafe or unsportsman-like conduct will require you to leave the range immediately.

General Rules

  • Parking access is via a combination lock. See the members section of the website for the combination.
  • Please follow posted instructions and use field tips ONLY where stated.
  • Please place trash in receptacles.


Fishing Hours

  • Daily: Sunrise to sunset


  • Fishing is for club members and their families. The family is defined as spouse and any children & grandchildren who are under the age of 18.
  • No children (under 18 years old) without close adult supervision.
  • Trout limits
    • Three (3) fish per day each member (regardless of group/guest size)
    • Total weekly limit is nine (9) fish
  • Catch and release of trout is forbidden.
  • If the grass carp are accidentally caught, please release them as gently as possible.
  • Other fish are allowed to be taken within legal limits.
  • No one is permitted to introduce fish into the pond, except members of the Pond Committee in the performance of their duties.
  • No cleaning of fish at the pond.
  • No swimming, wading, or boating in pond.
  • No one is allowed on the pond when it is covered with ice.
  • No alcohol is allowed at the pond.

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