February Federation meeting minutes are now available:
    Click here for this or earlier documents.

Skeet/trap house lock changes:
    New locks which require your club key have been installed on the trap houses. Members who learn how to operate the machines can get their keys programmed by Peter K. on any day he is at the club (typically Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) or contact him to arrange a convenient meeting time. Machine training is available from any senior member of the skeet committee (Jim K, Charlie Szabo, Peter K., Mike Lowe, Tommy Cussick).
Videos have been made depicting how to operate the skeet machines both in American and Wobble mode. Click the links below to view them:
      American Skeet
      Wobble Skeet

By-Law Updates:
   By-law revision proposals will be read at the February meeting and discussed and voted on at the March meeting. Probationary members (less than a year of membership) can not vote on them as per our current by-laws. Also, proxy voting is not allowed. For your information, the current by-laws can be found here.

Gun raffle has started:
    Click here to view the details.

New chair position:
   Ed Barrett has been named to a new position, Pistol Range Chairman. Dave Cerasaro remains Chairman of the Rifle Range.

December CESA meeting minutes now available:
    Click here to access the minutes.

Help needed after a snow:
    There is always shoveling to be done after a snowfall.
Club bulletin board:
   Don't forget that you can request a posting on the clubs online bulletin board. Not only do club members see your posting, but anyone else who visits the club's website yielding a much wider audience. Something to sell, an event coming up or just general information that may be of interest to club members is welcomed. Just email your post to CrumElbow@gmail.com. Check it out from the menu above (Miscellaneous -> Bulletin board) or this link.

Hunter safety class to be scheduled:
   Chris will once again be teaching a NY Hunter Saftey class in early 2020. Stay tuned for more details.


Welcome to the Crum Elbow Sportsmen's Association website. Whether you're a first time visitor, prospective member or an established member, you should find whatever information you are looking for about the club here. If not, see the list of contacts who would be happy to help with any questions you may have.
For the first timers, check out all the features of club facilities, such as the clubhouse, skeet/trap, range and the pond. We are located in historic Hyde Park with directions indicated on the map. You may consider becoming a member in which case you can peruse the information required to obtain membership as well as the benefits and responsibilities thereof.
Once you are a member, you probably want to see what's happening at the club (there is always something). And when you have some time to help out at the club and fulfill your work hours, an updated schedule of work party events can be consulted. Members requiring access to the member area can send an email to crumelbow@gmail.com for the id/password to access the page.

Club Objectives

The objectives and purpose of the club shall be to promote safe and ethical outdoor sportsmanship and provide opportunities for shooting sports activities. To that end the club shall seek to provide safe facilities for shooting practice and outdoors sports (ex. archery, rifle shooting, clay shooting, fishing, etc.), provide education and promote participation in the shooting sports, promote social and networking opportunities within the Club membership, the community of outdoors sports, and the public, including those activities which support the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, and build and maintain relationships with local landowners to secure hunting and fishing privileges for our members.

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